Brattleboro Ford's Commitment to Boston Children's Hospital

Brattleboro Ford, located in the beautiful state of Vermont, has taken on the responsibility of supporting the efforts of the renowned Boston Children’s Hospital. This hospital has a well-deserved reputation for being at the forefront of finding cures for childhood diseases, reducing the pain and suffering of children, and reuniting families.

Their track record speaks for itself – they have successfully treated more childhood illnesses than any other hospital, leading to numerous breakthroughs and advancements in the field of pediatric medicine. These advancements have not only impacted the lives of children in the local community, but also those from all corners of the world.

Brattleboro Ford is proud to play a role in this remarkable journey, and is dedicated to supporting the hospital in their mission to cure more children and bring comfort and hope to families.

Want to help?

Join Brattleboro Ford’s mission to make a difference in children’s lives. Your kindness has the power to save lives and bring hope to families. The hospital is a place of many breakthroughs, providing life-saving solutions for children both near and far. Your support is crucial in the quest to cure even more children and ease their suffering.