Brattleboro Ford Runs Green

Hybrid or EV... At Brattleboro Ford, "Our Blue  Runs Green".

Specially trained technicians have undergone extensive training to properly and safely service Hybrid and EV vehicles such as the Mustang Mach-E. Brattleboro Ford has also invested in specialty tools to service the Mach-E and follow-on electric vehicles including the 2022 F-150 Lighting and the 2022 EV Transit Connect. Own a Ford Hybrid vehicle? We’ve got you covered! Only salespeople who have successfully completed Ford’s EV training are allowed to sell EV vehicles.

In addition, Brattleboro Ford has installed a charging station in the service area as well as TWO charging ports at the front of the building – available to Ford owners FREE OF CHARGE!

Brattleboro Ford is dedicated to making the Green Mountain State even greener. Plans are in place for a new, ‘green dealership’ that will significantly reduce our environmental footprint by using solar, energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems and by reducing, reusing and recycling everything from paper to plastic to petroleum products.

At Brattleboro Ford, our goal is to be conscientious stewards of the resources we use in our business and to support our state’s green standards.

Co-Owner James Kirste
Charging Stations