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Your Ford, Your Way at Brattleboro Ford

Auto manufacturers are moving toward “order on demand” inventory management with more custom orders and fewer vehicles sitting on the lot. With these inventory shortages, you shouldn’t have to settle! Don’t pay for what you don’t want and get exactly what you do – in about 6 to 8 weeks! Order your next vehicle from Brattleboro Ford in VT and we’ll LOCK IN Special Pricing and Trade Value until your vehicle arrives AND offer a special $1,500 ORDER BONUS. In the meantime, we’ll continue looking for your special vehicle. If it’s out there and available, we’ll get it. Tell us what you want in the form below or call us at (802) 258-2400.


We’re here to help answer any questions. Feel free to read over our Frequently Asked Questions below.
As vehicles are updated from one model year to another, there are times when orders are accepted and times when they are closed. If you do not see your preferred vehicle here, please contact us for help.

Submit your request by clicking “Start Your Custom Order” and include vehicle preferences in the comments section. A dealership representative will contact you to verify your desired vehicle, explore potential incoming stock and then arrange to submit your order to Ford.

Lead times will vary by model and configuration but Ford will make every effort to expedite your order.

Final sale prices are all negotiated between the customer and dealer but Ford does not charge extra for customer orders.

Ordering customers will be eligible for qualifying incentives at the time of order placement or qualifying incentives at the time of final delivery, whichever is preferred.
Our dealership would be happy to help explain your options and help you arrange financing.

Once your vehicle has been assigned a VIN, you can track your order using this website:

Your dealership representative will be able to provide you the VIN once it’s been established.
Once your vehicle has arrived at the dealership, your dealership representative will contact you to confirm its arrival, collect any additional information needed to complete the sale, and schedule a convenient time and location for final delivery to you.